Smith Dosser - Corporate Profile


  • Brendan J. Smith, B.Bus, FIPA, CFP (Principal)
  • Anthony G. Smith, B.Bus, FIPA (Principal)
  • Vicki J. Dosser, B.Bus, FIPA (Principal)


The firm is 100% locally owned.


Our firm is totally independent and provides all services and advice without bias or influence from any external parties. The interests of clients are paramount.


The firm's management all have professional backgrounds in accounting and management consultancy. Technical competency, integrity and confidentiality are highly valued.


The total number employed including executive staff, is 15 of which the senior executive each have some 30 years' experience within this industry. All staff are experienced and suitably qualified in the areas of their employ. In addition to the staff Smith Dosser is affiliated with a number of other accounting service providers. This enables the firm to offer a range of staffing and specialist services as and when required.


A wide range of services to private sector clients; numerous public sector engagements and special assignments, including local government, health industry, State Government utilities, public schools and adult education & training bureaux.