Smith Dosser - History

HF Fox & Co

During the late 1940s, the Melbourne-based public accounting firm: HF Fox & Co. established a branch office in Benalla. The principal "Henry Fox" later employed Jim Smith as a young trainee accountant in 1957.

JH Smith & Co

After stints in both the Benalla and Melbourne offices, Jim Smith purchased the Benalla business from Henry Fox in 1962.

Smith O'Shannessy

In 1975, Ray O'Shannessy was admitted as a partner. In 1995, Brendan Smith was admitted as a partner. In 1999, Anthony Smith was admitted as a partner.

Smith Pfeiffer

On 1st July 2001, the firms of Smith O'Shannessy, Pfeiffer Jennings and System Operated Business, merged to become Smith Pfeiffer. This included the addition of Wal Pfeiffer and Vicki Dosser to the partnership.

Smith Dosser

In 2006, in recognition of the changes to directors of the firm, the current name was adopted. Jim Smith, Ray O'Shannessy and Wal Pfeiffer have since retired. The current partners are Brendan Smith, Anthony Smith and Vicki Dosser.