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We are not your typical accounting firm

At Smith Dosser we know that every client and every industry is different. We work hard at tailoring and providing services that solve your problems, meet your objectives and add value for you. We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships and excellent customer service.

Whether you are in business, a wage-earner, or part of a for profit or a non-for-profit organisation, whether you are starting out or well-established, we have the people and know-how to help you deal with your accounting, taxation, financial and planning issues.

We are Accountants and Business Advisors

If you are time poor, need help with record-keeping, want to make appropriate financial decisions or just need some simple advice on your business and tax affairs – we have the experienced professionals available to listen, help and guide you.

What Our Clients Say…

Ryan & McNulty Pty Ltd have happily worked with Smith Dosser for over 60 years.

The team at Smith Dosser work regularly alongside us in different capacities from administration relief work, tax and management accounting and advice to assist with funding options and grants, etc.

With their support we have been able to grow our business to be a major employer and leader in our industry.

On a personal level the confidence we have in Smith Dosser’s work and advice allows us to make decisions swiftly and easily and therefore we are able to enjoy our time away from work and put our energy into the things we love, stress free.

We are excited to work alongside Tony and the team at Smith Dosser in the future! 


Greg & Joyleen McNulty

Ryan & McNulty Pty Ltd

Our relationship with Smith Dosser spans 20 years following the commencement of our company from scratch to it growing to the large company it is today. Smith Dosser have been our business advisers supporting us the whole way!

We value their advice and support and have comfort knowing they are there whenever we need them. For the most part we deal with Vicki who has become an extension of our team here.

We can’t thank Vicki and Tony enough for continuing to help us grow and achieve our goals.


George Prothero, Managing Director

Alpine Truss Pty Ltd


Smith Dosser have most effectively fulfilled all our accounting requirements for more than 20 years.

In that time our enterprises have included farming, overseas investments, multiple small businesses and our self-managed superannuation fund. For each entity Smith Dosser have provided valuable advice on company structure and efficiently ensured that all taxation and statutory requirements have been met.

Their expert advice has enabled us to achieve the very best financial results from our activities. The extent of their knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and ease of approach is of great credit to everyone at Smith Dosser. We highly recommend their services.


Sarah & Richard de Crespigny, Benalla

Your support and guidance throughout the pandemic have helped us on many levels as we navigate through these uncertain times. You've helped reduce the stress as we adjust our business to comply with the changing circumstances and continue to maintain a profitable business.

We cannot thank you enough for your support the last 40+ years, but particularly the incredible stressful pandemic period.

Michael & Kerrie Bouwmeester

Bouwmeester’s Bakery

We came to Smith Dosser during an incredibly stressful and hard time in our lives. We were in significant debt and no longer had enough cashflow to reduce these debts, let alone keep up with the new bills coming in.

With Smith Dosser’s help we negotiated to pay our large debts off over a period of time that was affordable for our business as well as meet due dates of current and future bills.

The Smith Dosser team are helpful, non-judgemental and their expertise has helped turn our lives around. We have gone from very nearly losing our business and home to running a profitable business and living our lives again!

We cannot recommend them enough and very much look forward to working alongside them into the future! 



Advice from Smith Dosser has helped us to make the decisions needed to purchase and grow our business each year since purchasing in 2014. Working with professionals that have our best interests at heart has made moving forward a lot easier.

We look forward to many more years working together and can’t wait to see what’s next. 


Sharp Outdoor Power Equipment

Our family have worked with Smith Dosser for over 25 years, from the early days of our business through to a successful handover to the next generation.

We trust the team at Smith Dosser have our best interests at heart. Understanding the advice given and the ‘why’ has made decision making for our businesses much easier.

We look forward to continuing work with you in the future.


Graeme & Joni Currie and Toby & Alyce Currie

Graeme Currie Electrical